The Colorado Riverfront system is one of the crown jewels of our community, and one of its greatest assets. We all benefit from having a clean, safe and well-maintained Riverfront that provides a rich habitat for wildlife and vegetation, and a unique recreational trail system for residents and visitors. The Colorado Riverfront Commission and its nonprofit arm, the Colorado Riverfront Foundation, collectively referred to as One Riverfront, are dedicated to maintaining, revitalizing, and providing public access to the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers through the Riverfront Trail System, while preserving the rivers’ groves, wetlands, marshes, gravel bars and islands. Round up for the Riverfront is a voluntary collection program designed to give your customers the opportunity to invest in the ongoing development and maintenance of the Riverfront System.

How can my business get involved?

Investing in the Riverfront is easy, and everybody wins: your business, your customers, and the community at large. Your involvement costs you nothing and this is strictly an opt-in program; you simply ask your customers at the point of sale if they would like to make a nominal contribution. To make it easy for both you and your customers, we provide several options from which to choose, including:

  • Round the total purchase price up to the nearest dollar
  • Contribute one dollar of each sale
  • Contribute a % of each sale

Other options for your participation include:

  • Donate profits from the sale of a specific item to the Riverfront
  • Host a special event with a portion of proceeds donated to the Riverfront
  • Make a direct business donation

How do I implement the program?

One Riverfront staff will help you implement the option that best fits your point-of-sale and accounting systems and a collection schedule that is most convenient for you. We will also provide staff training and POS materials to help promote the program and offer ongoing support through regular communications. A Relationship Manager will be assigned to your business to help put the program in place and troubleshoot as needed. Your business will be responsible for reporting your calculation for your donation amount and One Riverfront staff will issue a receipt upon collection of each contribution.

Where does the money go?

80% of revenue from the program will go toward capital trail/riverfront improvement projects, the remaining 20% is allocated to administration costs. Every dollar contributed stays here at home to help build a better community.

Why should I do this?

We will help drive customers to your business. Based on surveys conducted by local researchers, Georgann Jouflas and Nathn Perry, local consumers were shown to have considerable support for the program:

  • 99% of respondents indicated that they would support the cause of maintaining, revitalizing, and providing public access to the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers.
  • 95% of respondents said that they were more likely to shop at a business that supports a cause they are interested in.
  • 90% of consumers would be willing to shift brands to one associated with a positive cause.
  • Approximately half of consumers were willing to donate by rounding up to the nearest dollar. About a third said they were willing to contribute by directly donating a dollar on a purchase.

In addition, as a participating business, you will receive recognition for your involvement in the program, including:

  • Link to your business from our website
  • Inclusion in social media campaigns highlighting your business
  • Media exposure
  • Recognition at Riverfront Concert Series events

How do I sign up?

It’s easy! Your participation costs nothing, nor are there any commitments to how much your business must contribute. No donation is too big or too small and we’ll provide free bookkeeping support services to help you get started. Once established, participating in Round up for the Riverfront takes no more time than writing a check, on a collection schedule that’s most convenient for you.

To get started, just give us a call!

Michele Rohrbach One Riverfront 970-683-4333