Be A Trail Host

The Riverfront Commission is looking for some folks who could volunteer to be Trail Hosts. This program, co-sponsored by the Grand Junction Police Department, is a vital component in keeping our Colorado River Trails safe and friendly.

The duties of a Trail Host include:

  • Maintaining high visibility and a positive and informative profile and demeanor.
  • Providing courteous public service when dealing with trail users.
  • Inform trail officials of any maintenance or safety hazards.
  • Educate and inform all trail users, in a non-aggressive manner, of trail regulations.
  • Trail Hosts will be issued a cellular phone to call 911 in emergencies.
  • At no time is a volunteer to act in an enforcement capacity.

Whew! Now We Can Talk.

Ok, now that the disclaimers are out of the way, let's talk a little more about what a Trail Host does. Personally, I think they probably have a good time. Just think of walking, biking, Rollerblading or power walker (Trail Hosts choose their own mode of transportation) down the Audubon Trail on a warm sunny day. You stop and talk with a few folks (which you might be apt to do anyway) who have a question about the trail. I'll bet you noticed that crack in the walkway last year and always wondered why it was never fixed. Well, as a Trail Host, now's your change to report it instead of just wondering why it never got fixed before.

The only requirement for this job is wanting to help others and caring for our trails. You'd be volunteering a couple hours a week doing something you'd probably be doing anyway, so why not get involved? We need your help!

For more information about becoming a trail host, how to help, or any questions or concerns you may have about the Colorado Riverfront Trails please contact us. We'd love to hear your comments, suggestions and input about how to make the Colorado River Trails even more enjoyable for everyone.


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